Amartes Music – Ultima Versão (Mixtape)

Amartes Music - Ultima Versão (Mixtape)

Amartes Music – Ultima Versão (Mixtape)

Amartes Music newest song is now available, entitled “Ultima Versão (Mixtape)“, presented as a promo track. Download from our website, leave your comment below and register on the website for email notifications of new updates. Your exclusive website.

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01.  Amartes Music – Music (Intro)
02. Amartes Music – Estou Bem
03. Amartes Music – Preciso De Ti
04. Amartes Music – Falam De Mim
05. Amartes Music – Mãe (Feat. Ariclenis Oswaldo)
06. Amartes Music – Tamuh a Barrar
07. Amartes Music – Anormal (Feat. Hilário S)
08. Amartes Music – Sempre a lhe dar
09. Amartes Music – Versos & Sonhos
10. Amartes Music – Duro (Feat. Inno Cless)
11. Amartes Music – Muito Mimo (Feat. Johnny Nilson e Boy Walter)